Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Value of Landscaping

When money is scarce, homeowners tend to cut back on their landscaping costs by doing their own maintenance, foregoing enhancements, or by always choosing the lowest cost option. While it might seem that landscaping is a purely frivolous expense, the statistics do not back up this assumption. A well maintained, excellent quality landscape can improve the resale value of your home 5 - 10% according to PR Web, TLC and BankRate.com. Furthermore, buyers and renters begin forming their opinions about how the interior or the house has been kept up based on what they see as soon as they drive up to the house. Overall, studies indicate that the average landscape brings a 35% rate of return as an investment and we believe anything that earns 35% "interest" is worthy of specialized care.

Even for those who aren't planning to sell their house anytime soon, it won't pay off to scrimp on or neglect landscape maintenance. The most obvious reason for keeping your landscape in superb condition, no matter how broke you are, is the monetary risk of having to replace the plants that don't make it. If the recession deepens and nurseries are forced to close their doors, plants will become harder to find and more expensive due to the increased demand. But, on top of that, a great landscape makes staying at home nicer. Most people consider their yard to be their at home "escape" and the more it mimics their image of paradise, the happier they are staying home to enjoy their own space instead of heading out for a (likely more expensive) night on the town.

Don't let your most valuable asset be devalued from declining landscape health. Contact us today for a landscape maintenance estimate for your property.

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